Weapons and Firearms


In order to ensure a safe environment for Employees, Contractors and Families, Transformations: Hope for Today’s Families prohibits the wearing, storage, or presence of firearms or other dangerous weapons in our facilities or on our property. Any employee or service provider in possession of a firearm or other weapon while on our facilities/property may face disciplinary action including termination. A client or visitor who violates this policy may be removed from the property and reported to police authorities. Possession of a valid concealed weapons permit authorized by the State of Kentucky is not an exemption under this policy.


During travel to and from home visits Employees and Contractors can carry weapons in their vehicle as long as they are not transporting clientele.  Employees and Contractors cannot carry weapons, as defined below, into a client’s home.  If any Employee or Contractor determines potential harm may occur from a home visit, then Transformations advises the Employee or Contractor not to enter the home or property and consult with a Supervisor in order to prevent, reduce risk and/or determine if home-based services are appropriate due to safety concerns.

It is Transformations policy for families that do have weapons/firearms in the home these weapons be locked and secured during sessions.  In the case of firearms, the firearm and ammunition should be locked and secured separately.


Firearms or other dangerous weapons mean:

  • any device from which a projectile may be fired by an explosive
  • any simulated firearm operated by gas or compressed air such as pepper spray
  • sling shot
  • sand club
  • metal knuckles
  • any spring blade knife
  • any knife which opens or is ejected open by an outward, downward thrust or movement


Staff will request any visitor found in possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon to remove it from the facility and local law enforcement authorities will be notified promptly.

Revised 10-23-2018