CAFAS Homework Assignment

CAFAS Homework assignment for providers in training;  Once you have completed the online training and reliability quiz, sign into the CAFAS.  Use the clinical data provided in the diagnostic evaluation located in The Client Set Up.

  • Log in to the CAFAS
  • Search for the client Harry Potter
  • Add Harry Potter to you client list
  • Click on the name Potter, Harry
  • Click on Start and Assessment, select the CAFAS
  • Fill out the information requested for the Assessment Setup Info. Include the CAFAS date you did this assessment, under Administration select initial CAFAS, Select next assessment date as no subsequent assessment due.  Normally you would set the follow up date in the calendar as three or five months but this is a homework assignment.
  • Select Start CAFAS button and complete the assessment.  Be sure to lock and sign the assessment once you are finished.
  • Take the scores and identified problems and add them to the treatment plan for Harry Potter.