CAQH is a credentialing data base.  It allows multiple insurance organizations to access your professional data for contracting and review.  If you currently have a CAQH profile, it will need to be updated with Transformations information.  If you do not yet have a profile, you will need to go to the CAQH website and enroll.

CAQH link:

Once you obtain your CAQH number, send a copy of the number to Jenni Polley at and to Teri Lloyd at  Transformations will then import the agency data into you CAQH profile.  You must review and approve the information before it will be uploaded to your profile.

It may take you several hours to complete you CAQH profile. Have copies of your professional license and Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance available.  You may down load these from your BambooHR account.

Make sure your give all insurance companies permission to access your CAQH profile.

Once you believe your application is complete, call CAQH and ask them to review your profile for completion and accessibility.

Notify Teri Lloyd, when your CAQH profile is approved.  A completed CAQH profile and a Medicaid number are necessary before submitting provider network applications.

Your CAQH profile will require regular validation and  up-date to supporting documentation such as your current professional license and professional liability insurance certificate. When you receive an email requesting a review or attestation of the profile, please respond quickly.

Keep track of your assigned CAQH number, log-in ID and password for future reference.  Transformations does not have direct access to your profile.