Office Usage and Rental Agreement


Transformations office space is available for use by W-2 employees and other persons who have entered into a signed rental agreement with Transformations.  Independent 1099 contracted providers are not eligible to utilize the office space or it’s equipment per the federal government’s definition of an independent contractor.  However, independent 1099 contractors may request to enter into a rental agreement with Transformations.


Persons interested in obtaining a rental agreement must contact the CEO, Teri Lloyd –

Persons entering into a rental agreement must provide the agency with a certificate of insurance on their professional liability insurance that names Transformations Hope for Today’s Families LLC as a Certificate Holder and Additionally Insured for landlord purposes.  These are generally provided to the insured at no additional cost to their professional liability insurance.

Users shall schedule and reserve the use of office space on the designated Room Reservation Calendar.

Users and their clients shall follow all building regulations.

Users and their clients shall follow all Federal and State Executive Orders surrounding the pandemic, mask requirements, health checks and quarantine restrictions.

Users shall be responsible to clean the room, chairs, door knobs, light switches, and other public surfaces before and after the use of the office space.

Users shall use the door signs that indicate a session is in progress to prevent disruption of the session. 

Users shall be responsible to return the sign to Out of Office at the end of the session.

Users shall use the white noise machines to secure the client’s confidentiality.

Users are not eligible to utilize the agency computers and copy machines.

Users shall be responsible to secure the office space when leaving the office.  All doors shall be closed and locked and lights powered off.

Effective Date: 8-12-2021