Description of billable services with cpt codes and fees

CPT Code Type of Service Description of Service Time  Fee
90791 Diagnostic Evaluation The assessment of client’s psychosocial history, current mental status, diagnosis and recommendations for treatment event 150.00
    Medicaid and most commercial plans accept this code. Medicaid requires this service be performed once every six months. Available for private pay.    
90832 Psychotherapy Psychotherapy is a variety of treatment techniques that help a client identify, manage or alleviate any emotional or behavioral disturbances, encourage emotional growth through coping techniques and problem-solving skills. Family and other persons may attend and participate in a psychotherapy session but the client must be present for some or all of the session and treatment remains focused on the client. 30 minutes 60.00
90834 Psychotherapy   38 to 52 minutes 90.00
90837 Psychotherapy   53 to 60 minutes 120.00
    Medicaid and most commercial plans accept these three psychotherapy codes. Availably for private pay.    
99354 Prolonged Psychotherapy Psychotherapy that extends beyond the first 60 minutes. Deleted and inactive as of 1/1/2023 30 to 60 minutes 120.00
H0001 Alcohol and/or Drug Assessment   Event 100.00
H0004 Prolonged Psychotherapy Psychotherapy on the same day as psychotherapy 90837 and limited to 8 units max per client per date of service.    Medicaid only. Active as of 4/1/2023. 15 minutes  30.00
90785 Interactive Complexity The Interactive Complexity code is reported in addition to a primary psychiatric service when the client has certain factors that increase the complexity of the service such as a disruptive communication that complicates the delivery of treatment, caregiver behavioral or emotional interference, evidence of a sentinel event with disclosure to a third party or use of play equipment or translator to enable communication. event/ one time per psychotherapy session 20.00
    Interactive Complexity may be added to the first psychotherapy code and does not apply for prolonged codes or crisis codes.    
90839 Psychotherapy for Crisis In person psychotherapy for a client with a life-threatening or highly complex psychiatric crisis.  Crisis services include history, mental status examination, mobilization of resources and implementation of treatment.   first 30 t0 74 minutes 150.00
90840 Each additional 30 minutes for a Psychotherapy Crisis   for each additional 30 minutes/ up to 3 codes per session 75.00
    Medicaid covers Psychotherapy for Crisis codes.  Coverage varies by commercial insurance plans. Available for private pay.    
90846 Family Psychotherapy without the client present Family dynamics as they relate to the client are the main focus of a family therapy session.  Therapy focuses on improving the interaction in the family for the improvement of the client’s condition and the impact on the family members. 27 minutes and up to 50 minutes 145.00
90847 Family Psychotherapy with the client present   27 minutes and up to 50 minutes 145.00
    Most plans will cover family psychotherapy but not when held on the same day as other services. Family therapy is available for private pay.    
90849 Multi-family Group Psychotherapy. Family psychotherapy provided to a client and their family, as well as other clients and families in a group setting.   event 75.00
90853 Group Psychotherapy Psychotherapy for a group of clients in one session.  Group dynamics are explored to help each participant move toward emotional healing and modification of thought and behavior for improved social interaction. event 50.00
    Medicaid and most commercial plans provide coverage for group therapies .  Available for private pay.    
90887 Collateral Services Interpretation or explanation of results of psychiatric examinations and procedures to family or other responsible persons or advising them on how to assist the client.  This service is often used with school or daycare personnel to guide in how to assist the client.  It can also be used with other persons who have a responsible caregiver role with the clients. event 120.00
    Medicaid covers Collateral Services for children only.  Commercial plans do not cover this service.  Available for private pay.    
H0031 Mental Health Assessment An assessment performed to determine level of care or to identify and rule out a diagnosis.   event 100.00
    This service is covered by Medicaid only and not billable the same day as other Medicaid funded services.    
H0032 Mental Health Service Plan  Develop a treatment plan with client and any collaborating professionals. event 120.00
    This is covered by Medicaid and billable in conjunction with 90791 Diagnostic Evaluation when a treatment plan is developed. Rarely covered by a commercial plan.    
H0002 Behavioral Health Screening Screening is performed to determine if there is a mental health issue that would benefit from referral for treatment. Coverage varies by plan. event 100.00
H2015 Community Support Services Assist with emotional regulation, coping with crisis, and enhancing interpersonal skills for maximum independence in the home, school and community. 15 minutes $18.75
    Covered by Medicaid only.  Available for private pay.    
H2023 Targeted Case Management Services Organize mental health services and community resources to create a team approach to therapeutic care.  Four contacts per month minimum. monthly charge 350.00
    Case Management is covered by Medicaid and some commercial plans by prior authorization.  Available for private pay.    
10003 Collateral Services with the Legal System Consultation, deposition, court attendance, testimony for a court of law.  (Phone conversations with a representing attorney may be eligible to be charged as a 90887 Collateral Service.). Private pay only. daily charge- Court attendance generally requires the provider to clear their schedule for court attendance.  600.00
10002 Letters and Form Completion Providers may provide letters or complete forms at the client’s request. Private pay only. event-per document 75.00
10001 Copies of Client Records Client Progress Notes, Assessments, and Treatment Plans are part of the client’s Protected Healthcare Information and require a signed Authorization to Release Information indicating the client or guardian’s permission to share information with a designated third party. There is no charge for the request for client records when the information is provided in an electronic format and sent by secure mail. 

Paper copies will be charged per page and the hourly wage for making the copies.  

Fees will apply for postage, delivery and thumb drives.

Notarized records may incur a fee.  

Fees will be provided upon request for the records and are the responsibility of the client.
10000 No Show for Scheduled Appointments. 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment.  The first missed appointment will be documented but not charged. The second or subsequent times a client fails to show for a scheduled appointment they will be charged the No Show fee. Insurance plans do not provide coverage.  This is the client’s responsibility. Charge applies to each missed scheduled session. The fee may apply to multiple sessions scheduled for the same day of service. 45.00.
    All services are available by a private pay arrangement.  Commercial plans vary and may not cover some of these codes or only cover by a prior authorization.  The amount paid toward a service by a commercial plan is determined by the details of the plan.  Co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles are the responsibility of the client. Contact your insurance plan for these details.  Medicaid will cover most services at 100 % under certain rules.  Medicaid clients will not be charged for services unless they have entered into a private pay arrangement with Transformations.