Billing of Clients


When billing clients, Transformations will employ generally accepted accounting principles and practices that are in accordance with 907 KAR 15:010 and 907 KAR 1:604 for recipient cost-sharing and the third party payer’s billing Instructions .


1. Transformations agrees to accept a contracted rate for payment.

2. Transformations does not practice balance billing and will honor a contracted insurance rate when a provider network status or service is unexpectedly denied.  

3. Transformations agrees to charge the client for any copay or co-insurance or deductible set forth by a third party payer.

4.  Transformations agrees to not wave a copay or or coinsurance or deductible set forth by a client’s insurance plan.

5. Transformations will post services and fees on the website for client access and will provide a good faith estimate to self-pay or uninsured clients.

6.  Transformations providers may refuse services for nonpayment of services including private pay agreements and a third party copay, coinsurance or deductible.

7.  Providers and staff shall accept payment in cash, check, money order, or by credit card or debit card.

8. Clients with commercial plans and private pay agreements (not Medicaid clients) shall be asked to sign and comply with Transformations Payment Agreement form.

9. Providers will obtain the client credit card or health savings account card prior to completing the first session.

10.  Providers and staff shall enter client credit, debit, or health saving account card directly into the secure encrypted card system in the electronic medical records system.

11.  At no time shall a provider keep a copy of a client credit, debit, or health savings account card in their possession.  

12.  The provider shall be responsible to pay Transformations any cash or checks or money orders received from a client for payment of services.

13.  The provider shall be responsible to provide the client with a receipt for any cash payments made directly to the provider.

Resources and Links

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907 KAR 15 :010 billing and payment regulations

205.622 Billing of third party by vendor for medical services.

Revised : 1-11-2022