Telehealth is coming to Ky Medicaid! Medicaid approved providers will soon be eligible to bill for services performed through a secure HIPAA compliant video chat system.  I am hoping that this service will be an addendum to existing intensive in-home services to enhance and create a stronger wrap around experience.  
Telehealth is heavily regulated by Medicaid, Ky Statues, HIPAA and each provider licensing board. Each MCO will also have their own protocol for this service.  (Sorry, you can not use FaceTime.)
So Transformations is carefully researching the details of these many regulatory requirements, including billing codes and video chat systems.  A client assessment for appropriate fit is also required prior to the use of the service and will need to be developed.  We will also test the billing with each MCO to secure timely reimbursement of your services.
You can get ready for telehealth by reviewing your licensing board’s requirements.  As I access each boards regulations, I am posting the links to our website under Telehealth in the provider manual. I currently have the regs for LPCC, LMFT and psychologists.  The social work board says they are actively writing telehealth regs.  And we have a call into the LPAT board as they have not yet posted their regulations.
LMFTs please note that you are required to complete a 15 hour training prior to providing telehealth services. will give us a discounted rate for a group so please let me know if you are interested in doing this training. The next available training is on July 30th and 31st.  Click this link for more info: